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A bit about myself:

Just me
I'm a 61 year old application programmer (learned on TI-99/4A, C=64, and Atari ST, professionally on DEC, err, Compaq, err, HP, err, HPE, err, VSI OpenVMS, but also on Linux, MacOS, and Microsoft Windows), living in Goslar, Germany (which is a really lovely medieval town).

My favourites include reading (mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy), movies (ditto), music (blues, rock & pop, a little jazz, but definitely no techno, hiphop, or rap), gaming (not only on computers), volleyball, darts (both more watching than playing in recent years), and - last but not least - computers and software.

Apart from that, there's not much to see here. There's only:

C(++) related:
* memtrc.zip - A C snippet to trace memory allocations (6 kByte)
* quad.zip - A (Visual) C++ class for quadword arithmetic and VMS timestamps (8 kByte)
Perl related:
* "FormMail: Noch ein Formularmailer" - a talk at the German Perl Workshop 1.0 (1999) (in german)
* FormMail - the software
* FormMail - the documentation
* "Parse::RecDescent to the rescue!" - a talk at the German Perl Workshop 5.0 (2003) (in german)
* "RPC Code Generation with Perl" (PDF, lightning talk at YAPC::EU 2005)
* Crypt::UnixCrypt 1.0 - A pure-perl implementation of crypt(3)
* info2hlp - Convert EMACS info file to VMS help file format
* fav2html - Gather Internet Explorer's favorites into an HTML page
* wiztxt2html - Convert "Ask The OpenVMS Wizard" text files into HTML
OpenVMS related:
* ht://Dig 3.1.6 - my port of a search engine
* JTLviz - a pure Java re-implementation of TLViz
* XPDF - PCSI kits of XPDF 3.02pl4.
This is little more than a re-packaging of Chip Coldwell's XPDF port
XPDF for OpenVMS I64 V8.3-1H1
XPDF for OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-2 and later
These come with shareable images for FreeType 2.3.4 and T1lib 5.1-1, and need DECwindows/Motif installed.
--- * ---
Additionally, you'll need some Ghostscript fonts. This is just a re-packaging of the standard ghostscript-fonts-std-8.11.tar.gz.
--- * ---
Source files for XPDF 3.02pl4 for OpenVMS
--- * ---
Previous kits, based on XPDF 3.02pl2
XPDF for OpenVMS I64 V8.3-1H1
XPDF for OpenVMS I64 V8.3
XPDF for OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-2 and later
Source files for XPDF 3.02pl2 for OpenVMS
* GNU diffutils & GNU patch
These are OpenVMS ports of GNU diffutils 2.7.2 and patch 2.5.4, and they're the same kits as contained in the OpenVMS Freeware CD 5, extended by the files for OpenVMS I64 V8.3.
If you're looking for something more recent (e.g. with support for ODS-5 filenames), there's Steven M. Schweda's port of GNU diffutils 2.8.7
* Frequently Asked Questions about Programming under OpenVMS (my own compilation, still in pre-alpha state; 70 kByte HTML file)
* Contents listing of the ConDist CDs (that are available to me) - WARNING: 12MB HTML file
This has been superceeded by a database-based solution which is definitely more complete
* Contents listing of the OpenVMS Freeware CDs and Hunter Goatley's fileserver
* quota_monitor.com - Monitor a process' quota usage
* x_tcp.com - Redirect display and optionally start X application
* schedule.com - Schedule batch jobs - written by Wolfgang J. Möller
* deltree.com - recursively delete a directory tree - published by Rob Young
* ctags.tpu - a VMS TPU program to handle ctags files (work in progress - comments welcome)
The Exuberant Ctags project is homed on Sourceforge
* simh-38-1-makefile_vc.txt - a Microsoft Visual C++ makefile to build the simh V3.8-1 emulators on Win32 systems
Slides of talks given at the German DECUS Symposia (in german)
* "Grundlagen der CGI-Programmierung" (100k PPT) - 2000
* "ht://Dig : Eine Suchmaschine für Webserver unter OpenVMS" (120k PPT) - 2002
* "Internet unter OpenVMS" (114k PPT) - 2003
* "RPC-Codegenerierung mit Perl" (360k PPT) - 2004
* "JTLviz - ein neuer Freund für T4" (580k PPT) - 2006
* "PRODUCT CREATE - die Entstehung eines Softwarekits" (317k PPT) - 2007
* "VT-Anwendungen im Web" (2.17M PPT) - 2007
A collection of quotes
* A HTML'ed version of "The Project Galactic Guide"
* Rund um CGI - Eine Einführung (German only - sorry)
This formed the basis for the O'Reilly booklet "CGI - kurz & gut (2. Auflage)" (out of print)
* Photos from a vacation on Malta

So long, and thanks for all the books...
In memoriam Douglas Noel Adams, 1952-2001

Live long and prosper!
In memoriam Leonard Nimoy, 1931-2015

In memoriam Sir Terry Pratchett, 1948-2015

Music was my first love, and it will be my last
In memoriam John Miles, 1949–2021

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