* The Project Galactic Guide *


What is the Project Galactic Guide but an offering of help from those pigheaded enough to think they know more than everyone else! The PGG contains information collated from Field Researchers from as far apart as Australia, Russia, America, and Watford. Here are the articles from the *.NEW archives held at vela.acs.oakland.edu .

They have been preprocessed by two half useless proglets of ours so that you can read them in wonderful hypertext.

You can list the articles

But you'd better read the Warning first, or might want to take a look at the Instructions.

If you would like to know more about the Project Galactic Guide itself, check out the alt.galactic-guide FAQ.

For information on submissions please read the Article Writing Guide For Field Researchers And Guide Editors and related articles. Contact Alex if you have no access to email!

*NEW* !! Now you can search the PGG article database !! *NEW*

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