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SQLite3 for OpenVMS
This is a native port of the SQLite database package to OpenVMS. It delivers the SQLite database to OpenVMS using the following native features:
  • Thread support using the tis library. This allows support for multi-threading without having to link against the pthreads RTL.
  • Direct file access. All files access is performed using the $QIO system services, rather than the C RTL or even RMS.
  • Native locking. All locking is handled using the OpenVMS distributed lock manager, allowing database access to be coordinated across cluster nodes (of all architectures).
Despite these OpenVMS-specific improvements the database file maintained by SQLite is still portable to other SQLite-based applications running on other systems.


Version: 7.17 (
Category: Database
Head of porting effort: Tim Sneddon
Architecture(s): VAX,Alpha,I64
Original Homepage:
Homepage of the OpenVMS Port:
State of the Port: released
License Model: Other


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